FEATURED ARTICLE — January 22nd, 2021

Essential Tips to Business Branding With Social Media Stories

Storytelling and becoming attracted to narratives have a long-prevailing history. Even in a world where technology was nowhere near existence, travellers from afar would often be surrounded by local folks besieging them to tell their stories.

Hence there is no wonder that in the present world where we have the internet, social media, and smartphone technology that story-telling still continues to thrive. Today, businesses and establishments are finally becoming aware of the potential of sharing narratives through the power of Social Media Stories.     

According to a recent study by Social Pilot, over 2.74 billion monthly active users on Facebook are followed by 1.15 billion active users on Instagram and 850 million active users worldwide on TikTok. 

Furthermore, users on Facebook spend around 58 minutes every day on the platform, while Instagram enjoys over 500 million visits on stories daily.

Brands with most likes on Facebook include Samsung (161 million), CGTN (113 million), Coca-Cola (105 million), China Daily (102 million), and Tasty (98 million). 

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some viable tips that can help you brand your business with the help of Social Media Stories.

Adding Geo-Filters

Geo-filters are an incredible feature that you can use for your social media stories. They can help you alert local traffic regarding your business’ activity and proximity.

Moreover, geo-filtering allows you to spread awareness for your users regardless of whether they are within reach of your chosen location or way outside. Using geo-tagging for your stories is a great way to inform your customers about your venture and create interactions with your brand on a particular... Read More

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