January 22nd, 2021

Essential Tips to Business Branding With Social Media Stories

Storytelling and becoming attracted to narratives have a long-prevailing history. Even in a world where technology was nowhere near existence, travellers from afar would often be surrounded by local folks besieging them to tell their stories.

Hence there is no wonder that in the present world where we have the internet, social media, and smartphone technology that story-telling still continues to thrive. Today, businesses and establishments are finally becoming aware of the potential of sharing narratives through the power of Social Media Stories.     

According to a recent study by Social Pilot, over 2.74 billion monthly active users on Facebook are followed by 1.15 billion active users on Instagram and 850 million active users worldwide on TikTok. 

Furthermore, users on Facebook spend around 58 minutes every day on the platform, while Instagram enjoys over 500 million visits on stories daily.

Brands with most likes on Facebook include Samsung (161 million), CGTN (113 million), Coca-Cola (105 million), China Daily (102 million), and Tasty (98 million). 

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some viable tips that can help you brand your business with the help of Social Media Stories.

Adding Geo-Filters

Geo-filters are an incredible feature that you can use for your social media stories. They can help you alert local traffic regarding your business’ activity and proximity.

Moreover, geo-filtering allows you to spread awareness for your users regardless of whether they are within reach of your chosen location or way outside. Using geo-tagging for your stories is a great way to inform your customers about your venture and create interactions with your brand on a particular location.

So if your marketing scouts are prepared to handle and manage a crowd, geo-tagging can work in your favor to attract targeted audiences’ attention.

Van Leeuwen, a New York ice-cream store, uses location tracking with the help of PayPal app and mobile payment options. Hence whenever customers are nearby, they send them enticing offers and special deals to get their attention.     

Boost Shopping

Stories are a great way to prompt and jog the memory of users to visit your shop. Since social media stories remain for 24 hours, this can be a great way to inspire a shopping spree amongst users.

Let’s say you have a new batch of products or most wanted items that just reached your stores. Then it would be prime time to use stories on social media to revert traffic to your store. 

For Facebook, the ‘Swipe Up’ feature can help you place clickable links, and hence you add your website, shop, or online store there. For Instagram creating a story allows you add links and you can even use CTAs (call to actions) such as ‘Buy Now’, ‘Visit Shop’, or create your own custom made call to actions.  

Create Polls

Another way to engage your customers and get valuable information out of them is to create polls or voting surveys. These are quite interesting and easy to use to the point where users can set in their final choice in mere seconds and voila they are done!

Polls due to their friendly user experience are not a hassle, but they can create a lot of awareness for your brand and are fun to participate. 

Both Instagram and Facebook offer you easy to use futures to add polls into your stories. For Instagram, you can find the poll option when creating stories and visiting the sticker collection.

The same goes for Facebook as well. Simply log on to your account, click the ‘Add to Story’ option and then open the ‘Stickers’ collection to add a poll.    

Deliver Announcements

While there is no doubt that social media itself as a platform can serve as a PSA (public service announcement), stories along with their ability to engage audiences can take it to the next level. This can include a new product launch announcement or relay an important update to an already released product. 

The possibilities are endless. Let’s say your company has suddenly decided to hold a sale in lieu of relieving withheld stock and making room for new arrivals. Social media stories can instantly get you the attention you need, and their high level of user engagement makes them extremely convenient. 

Execute a Giveaway Campaign 

Talking about announcements, social media stories can also be a great way to run limited-time campaigns, promotional offers, and giveaways.

Let’s say your company is celebrating their anniversary, and as a show of gratitude, they want their customers to join in the fun. All you need are some giveaways and eureka! 

Social media stories can make this happen and allow you to gather maximum traffic within a 24 hour period. On March 6th, 2018, Hydro Flask initiated a giveaway campaign to celebrate their 200K+ followers and got over 12,500 likes. There are numerous examples out there where brands are simply crushing to run giveaway campaigns on social media.   

Foster a Video Marketing Strategy

Social media stories can help you elevate brands and make them more intriguing for audiences when it comes to visual content and setting a narrative to them. In fact, social media stories are becoming so dominant across multiple platforms that they are actually changing the face of video marketing strategies. 

From Instagram and Facebook stories to LinkedIn, Snapchat, and YouTube stories, social media dominates the landscape of video marketing online.

Brands can easily use the feature to provide tutorials for using a particular product, create How-to videos, share videos from customers, interview guests, and so much more. 

Hold Contests/Competitions

Every brand out there is looking to engage customers on social media to get their attention, and holding competitions is a great way to do just that. With social media contests run through stories, things become indispensably more viral.

This is due to the fact that stories stay alive on platforms for a limited amount of time. Hence the fear of missing out (FOMO) is unrequitedly added to the mix. 

Hence you end up getting a definite boost which can in return work in your favor to acquire additional likes, comments, shares, and even subscriptions to your social media profiles.

A fine example can be taken from Wave.video and Mari Smith (aka Queen of Facebook) joining hands to host a #WaveVideoADay social media contest in which they obtained over 1,700 participants. Assignment Assistance also encourages such tactics and has been using social media to garnish much of its recent interactions with customers.     

Push for Exclusive Content 

Call it behind the scenes, through the backdoor, a sneak peek preview, or any other exclusive content that comes to your mind, social media stories can be best for making your viewers feel special.

You can show off and present additional content that your followers and viewers cannot gain access to elsewhere through them.

This can also include a look at the stage and preparations behind a big event, post-event updates, or even Q & A sessions. 

You can use stories to provide answers to your users and their inquiries. It is all about making the feel valued and respected.

You can also share success stories and reward the loyalty of your most valued customers. Furthermore, social media stories are also great for sharing the achievements of your followers and subscribers.    

Think Outside of the Box

How about you create a miniseries? Or what about daily updates through social media stories? Surely these are highly intensive of the time and effort you need to invest in them to create something of substance.

However, this is the way where you can just let your creativity flow. I recently played a game called Hero Wars, and I came across their brilliant web-video series that was introduced back in 2020 during their Halloween event. 

Each video ended with the viewer deciding on the path to follow next, and this hunt for candies became a favorite amongst players.

Truly I am pretty sure that your brands can also come up with unique and distinct new ideas around the storytelling feature of social media and spark their creativity to let their imaginations take control. 


Social media stories are essentially ephemeral content that is rich in media and only available for a brief period of time. This temporary content takes advantage of urgency and FOMO to elicit an immediate response from the user. Brands and businesses can use social media stories to their advantages in numerous ways to promote their products and services. 

In the end, the opportunities are virtually limitless. I hope this post was able to provide you with meaningful insights as to how you can use social media stories to brand your businesses. All the best for your future endeavors! 

John William

John William currently works as a Digital Marketing Executive at Dissertation Assistance. This is where higher education students can request professionals to "write my dissertation for me", in order to acquire specialized assistance for their field of study. She likes to indulge herself in pop-culture and surf the internet for tech-related news during her free time.