May 22nd, 2020

Top 3 Solutions to Extract Text from Image

If you need to extract text from an image, it’s assumed that the image in question contains text that is not machine-readable and that you want to extract the text in an editable format. This requires a text recognition or optical character recognition feature found in PDF tools such as PDFelement, ABBYY FineReader, and HiPDF. These utilities will allow you to answer the question: how can I extract text from an image in an accurate manner in multiple languages? Let’s look at how to extract text from image online and offline using these versatile PDF applications.

No. 1: How to Extract Text from an Image using PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro offers a highly accurate OCR feature that works with over 20 different languages commonly used for international business transactions and by companies with multiple global locations. The process is described below:

Step 1: Launch PDFelement Pro and create your image file into PDFs

Step 2: The software will recognize you need to “perform OCR” in a notification bar (see screenshot.)

If you are a first-time user of the OCR function, you will see the notification to download and enable the OCR plugin (don’t worry, it’s a one-time process and takes several minutes, but from the next time, you can totally disregard the process). See the screenshot below, where you need to click “YES” and start the download.

Step 3: After that, you will see the below window; now, choose your OCR process and it’s done!

In this step, you can choose between converting the file into an editable or a searchable version depending on what you need. You can also change the language and choose which pages to convert.

Step 4: Now the image has been converted into an editable file, so edit as you go.

As you will see, the conversion is highly accurate and you will only need to make a few corrections wherever the original text may not have been easily legible.

Actually, the OCR can perform better than your expectation. Besides editing PDF, you also can extract data, batch process, convert scanned PDF and image-based PDF to various formats and more.

Would you like to learn more about OCR? Please visit the special OCR page>>

PDFelement Pro Feature Overview

While the OCR function in this versatile software is certainly impressive, what’s even more attractive about it is the fact that it comes with every single tool you will ever need to process a PDF file. Some of the main features are listed below:

  • Edit PDFs with Ease:
    • Comprehensive PDF editing tools to add, remove, and modify the text, images, objects, markups, backgrounds, page numbering, footers, headers, and all other components of a PDF file.
  • Convert To and From PDF with One Click
    • The conversion feature lets you create PDFs from over 300 other file types.
    • You can also access the feature through the Convert PDF module on the software’s home page or the Convert tab within the application. 
    • In addition, PDFs can be converted back to several other formats like HTML, MS Office files, image files, eBook formats, and so on.
  • Markup Documents like a Professional:
    • Annotations are made easy with extensive markup tools like highlighting, underlining, callout text boxes, shapes, notes, stamps, freehand shapes, and more. 
    • Annotation properties such as background, color, etc. can be changed in the settings option.
  • Secure Your PDF Documents with Strong File Encryption:
    • Set Open password to prevent unauthorized access.
    • Set Permissions password to prevent editing, copying, and printing of the document.
  • Fill and Sign Forms, Optimize PDFs, and Execute Batch Process Tasks:
    • Legally binding digital signatures
    • Form field highlighting and form field recognition
    • Reduce file size for convenient sharing
    • Batch processes for data extraction, file encryption, etc.

While providing the entire gamut of PDF functionality at your fingertips, PDFelement Pro won’t burn your pocket like many other premium PDF editors, including the market-leading Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Platform Support: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

No. 2: Extract Text from Images with ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader offers a great deal of flexibility in its OCR function. Users can convert image files to PDF and directly perform OCR. In addition, the software allows you to perform OCR and convert to other formats like Excel, Word, etc. Let’s look at how the OCR process works to extract text from PDF image files:

Step 1: In the New Task → Open section of FineReader, you’ll see several options under the heading of Convert Documents. The first one on that list will be Open in OCR Editor. Click that option to import your image file into the editor tool.

Step 2: The converted file will be visible in a pages view on the left pane and OCR text in the right pane; above this right pane you’ll see editing tools as seen in MS Word. You can use that to make corrections to inaccurately converted text bits.

Step 3: In the middle pane, which is the actual document in PDF format, you can use the selection tool to choose a particular colored area, which will then be visible in the zoom-view pane at the bottom. The colored area indicates that extractable text has been found in that section.

Step 4: The next step is to add or remove areas that need to be extracted and then save the file by clicking the arrow next to the Send button in the ribbon toolbar and choosing to save the extracted text to a new file. Confirm to initiate the saving process. Your output file will contain all the area-marked text from the previous steps.

Performing OCR is a little more complicated with this tool, as you can see. In addition, it only supports English and other languages that use Latin characters. Here are some of the other key features of ABBYY FineReader.

ABBYY FineReader Feature Overview

This PDF editor offers many of the features regularly used in a business environment, including the ones listed below:

  • Easily edit PDFs with robust tools to add, remove, and modify content.
  • Annotate like a pro with an impressive range of markup tools.
  • Convert PDFs to editable formats like MS Office files, images, etc.
  • Add digital signatures and send documents for signing.
  • Fill and sign PDF forms.
  • Use passwords to protect private information.
  • Compare and merge documents.
  • Perform OCR to convert scanned documents into searchable or editable versions.

ABBYY FineReader lacks a few features found in PDFelement but matches it in terms of accuracy. It is also closely integrated with the Windows ecosystem, which is why the interface will look familiar to Office application users.

Platform Support: Windows, Mac

No. 3: Extract Text from Image Online with HiPDF

HiPDF from Wondershare is one of the most comprehensive online utilities for optical character recognition. It is designed with accuracy and speed at the forefront and is among the more user-friendly tools to extract text from image online. The site is secured with digital certificates to keep your uploaded documents safe and the servers are regularly purged to make sure your content is not retained long-term. Let’s look at how the OCR function works in HiPDF:

Step 1: Go to the dedicated webpage for HiPDF OCR on any browser and upload your file. You can either use the Choose File button or drag it from Explorer or Finder and drop it into the marked area.

Step 2: Click the Settings option to choose the OCR language and output format. You can make your choice from several editable output options such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Text.

Step 3: Confirm the OCR process and wait for the file to be converted into the chosen format. When it’s done, hit the Download button and save the output file to a desired location. HiPDF is integrated with all the top cloud storage services like Drive and Dropbox, which makes it easy to download them directly to the cloud.

HiPDF uses enterprise-grade SSL encryption to protect your documents in transit so you don’t have to worry about security issues when uploading or downloading files. In addition, the file will be removed from HiPDF servers after an hour, further protecting you from data breaches.

HiPDF Feature Overview

HiPDF has dedicated webpages for each of its various functions, which are broadly categorized into conversion tools, image tools, and tools for common PDF tasks. Here’s a quick review of its key capabilities:

  • Convert a dozen different file types into PDF while maintaining the accuracy and attributes of the source content.
  • Convert from PDF into 15 other formats including Pages, DXF, image files, MS Office files, EPUB, etc.
  • Compress PDFs to reduce file size for convenient sharing via email or chat messengers.
  • Full PDF editing capabilities brought to an online interface.
  • Organize pages in a PDF document.
  • Extract images or replace text.
  • Merge and split files.
  • Crop PDFs to resize them.

Platform Support: All operating system environments