May 23rd, 2019

Best Online Investment Options for Under $5000

A common myth among the investing community is that for one to invest one must have a fat bank account to back up the investment. It is so unfortunate that this myth has been peddled for so long such that some of the “financial advisors” have started selling it as the truth. The reality is that a solid portfolio does not necessarily have to come from a big account. In business and investment, the golden rule is growth. However small the investment might seem, with the right strategies in place, the only way to grow is up.

In the process of brushing off the common misconceptions about starting small in business, we will take a look at some of the online opportunities for small startup capital. Let’s jump right to it and see how you can spin a few thousand dollars online to work for you!

1. Trading Stocks

Prior to the age of internet and online trading, stock trading was a thing for the Wall Street brokers in suits and ties charging exorbitantly in commission to help you trade. Fast-forward to this day and age whereby with a click of a button you are able to access all the knowledge and information you need about stock trading. Better still you are able to buy and sell your stock online in the comfort of your home! Since the advent of the internet, online stock trading has been a lure for many people. Partly because the major stumbling blocks have been removed and better still, the process has been made ridiculously easy.

Different applications and sites have emerged to display the trading in real-time, at the same time they offer analysis tools that help you predict the pattern of a certain firm’s commercials. You can simply go online as a newbie and learn all you need to know about online stock trading. With five thousand dollars you can start building an empire from the comfort of your couch. 

2. 401ks and IRAs

If you are the hands-off kind of person with your money, then these pension schemes might just be the perfect solution you to consider. Mainly because of the tax incentives, the interests, and dividends accrued over time as the savings grow, and the assured financial security post retirement. Just before you sink in all your money, you might want to consider all other investment opportunities first since these investment opportunities are considered long-term.

As you invest in a 401k or an IRA, choose the plan that fits you the most.

3. Online Gambling

Some of you might have reservations about gambling. Morality, religion and ethics aside, gambling is a very interesting and involving endeavor that not only keeps you entertained but also has the potential to line your pocket. So what better way to have fun and still earn while at it. There are numerous online gambling opportunities that cater to the vast tastes and preferences of the online communities. 

Gone are the days when one would be required to be of a certain social (and most definitely, financial) standing before being allowed inside a casino. These days online gambling is as easy as it gets. You can sign up for any online casino in the world and participate in real-time gambling while from the comfort of your phone! There are numerous online sites that offer nothing but the best of what the gambling society has to offer. The beauty of some of these sites is the fact that one can actually play for real money. Sites such as are full of knowledgeable articles to get you on the right track before deciding on an online casino, so make sure to give them a visit. 

4. Fixed Income Account

A fixed income account is an account whereby you make a deposit of a certain amount of money (usually large sums of money) and commit it with a financial institution for an agreed period of time. During this period the said amount will accrue interest payable at the end of the duration together with the principal amount. The rates are agreed upon two main factors – the duration the amount has been committed to and the amount in question. The interest is directly proportional to these factors. The higher the amount being saved and the longer the duration, the larger the percentage of interest awarded. The converse applies.

Such an investment plan is advised for people who are either too busy or just unavailable to oversee the daily running of the amount invested. This plan might appeal to the elderly or those who have huge sums of uninvested money just hanging around somewhere. For those seeking tax asylum more than returns, you might want to consider a health savings account. Those that make a big kill out of Fixed Income Accounts are the high rollers – people with huge sums of money. Five thousand dollars is sufficient to get you started. The interest accrued may not be what you anticipated at first, but as time goes and you reinvest in the same institution, you might get a better deal. Fixed income funds are considered a stable online financial investment.

And So…? Start Now!

Money is just like a fleeting fancy. It is glamorous once you have it, but it never stays. This is why it is important to keep on producing more, for as long we are consuming, there will always be a demand for more money to be generated. Online investments in not only the current but also the future of all possible investments. The World Wide Web provides numerous investment possibilities for a potential investor. There are opportunities for whoever is willing to invest regardless of the amount. With five thousand dollars you can actually apply for numerous opportunities. All you need is to just pick one.