May 13th, 2019

3 Ways to Improve Social Media Engagement Right Now

Millions of people use social media on a daily basis. 

Social media is constantly touted as one of the best places to grow a business organically. 

But, according to a recent report by BuzzSumo, social media engagement was down 50% last year. 

It’s harder than ever to engage prospects on social media, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your site.

This doesn’t mean social media is dead, it just means you have to adjust your tactics.

Here are three ways to improve social engagement right now. 

1. Share Less (But Better) Content 

It’s tempting to share anything and everything on social media. From your latest blog post to random company updates and everything in between. 

But algorithms don’t work like that anymore. 

Your content isn’t always delivered to every follower, especially when you post multiple times per day. 

This is to limit the amount of spam and repetitive content people see. 

With that being said, posting less can net more traffic. Focus your content on the best of the best. Share your latest podcast episode, promote a new video or infographic. 

Did you write an ultimate guide filled with custom images? That’s a perfect chance to repurpose your custom images for higher quality social sharing. This is a strategy Codeless used when developing a 13,000 word guide on content writing services.

Conversely, if you wrote a basic blog post that isn’t new or fresh, avoid sharing it.

Focus your efforts on sharing once per day on your social accounts. Dedicate those shares to the best content you produce. 

On top of that, start engaging with your followers on social media! Social media isn’t just a place to share, but to connect with followers and build your brand image. 

2. Incorporate Social Listening

Building a loyal community that trusts your company takes more than just sharing content.

It takes engagement, and specifically, social listening: 

“The genius in social listening lies in tapping the opportunity to gain insight from conversations your customers are having about you (and with you) in relatively unadulterated settings. In this way, social listening can help you take the pulse of user opinion, and advise customer service and social media campaigns.”

Monitor your direct mentions on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

But, more often than not, people will forget to tag your brand directly. 

Using search operators on Google, you can start to listen for brand mentions that aren’t tagged: 

twitter + [ your brand name ]

This operator will search directly on Twitter for your brand even if you aren’t tagged. In addition, try using common misspellings of your brand as well to capture any loose ends. 

Use these mentions as a jumping-off point to talk to real people and help them in any way you can. 

3. Focus Your Efforts on Your Top Platforms

With so many different social media platforms out there, it’s tempting to attack them all with full force.

But this can often drain your resources, spreading you too thin. 

Especially if only a tiny portion of your target customers use that platform.

It’s often a waste of time and resources that could be better spent on the most popular platforms for your business.

Take a hard look at the current social media channels you use. Is your target market on them? Or does it not align well with your brand? 

Double-down on your most impactful social channels, spending more time on them and producing content specifically for them.

This will lead to bigger wins, more engagement, and better brand development. 


Social media engagement has fallen dramatically in the last few years, and it’s becoming pay to play.

Social sharing seems all but dead, but it’s still alive and well.

Tactics are shifting and you can’t keep posting the same, generic content and expecting top-tier results.

Instead, follow these three steps to improve social engagement today: 

  1. Share less often, and focus your sharing on your best content only. Then, engage with your followers on a daily basis to keep them coming back to your page.
  2. Start incorporating social listening. This will help you refine your product, service, or brand, and make users feel apart of your community.
  3. Lastly, focus your efforts on just a few social platforms that you can maximize, rather than spreading your resources too thin.

Want better social engagement? It’s time to switch up your strategy.

Alex Sloane

Alex Sloane, Freelance Marketer.