April 10th, 2019

Money Saving Tips for a Tremendous Royal – Like Wedding

There are a lot of wedding themes a bride could choose from and the bigger the wedding is, it is expected that the higher the expenses will be. Budget seems to be always a hindrance which makes an event to end up being a simple and small one. Meanwhile, this should not affect the main goal of the occasion, especially if it is a wedding day. Whether it be a small or a big wedding, having a worthwhile, fulfilled and successful one will always be the priority. Hence, sometimes, we cannot still deny that we wanted at least to have an average one- not a small one nor a big one. Having said so, the bride always looks for alternatives to make everything fit into the budget.

Wedding Dress

Planning ahead of time is usually the first and foremost key to having an outstanding and impressive wedding with all the requirements being completed within the budget set. Your wedding dress will be considered to have the highest priority during the planning process hence, it is best to find or have it be tailored right after the proposal. In addition, the wedding dress alone would seem to be the most expensive need for the wedding as it can cost a thousand dollars or more. Adding to it would be the costs of the accessories such as headpieces, makeup, jewelry and wedding shoes.

ASK – If you think you have gone bigger and you are having a hard time thinking where to purchase plus size wedding dresses, you can ask those who already got married regarding their experiences as to finding their high quality, fabulous yet cheap wedding dresses. They can for sure recommend some instructions and advice on how they were able to find one, as well as, commending the best stores, whether online or offline, that have quality wedding dresses. Aside from asking your friends and family who have gone thru the process, you may also want to get in touch with wedding dress designers for possible suggestions. 

SEEK – With your friends’ and family’s inputs, you can now start searching. Having enough time would allow you to go to the bridal stores for a real feel of the wedding dresses as well as for try ons. Meanwhile, it could also be possible to have the dress be customized by a professional tailor. In the event that you feel that there is not enough time, options such as buying a second wedding dress, renting it, or even shopping online are also available. Some online stores such as JJ’s House, have a wide range of excellent cheap wedding dresses as well as other wedding party dresses of which the tailoring time is faster than expected. Most of the dresses can also be customized according to your own exact measurements. 

Wedding Venue

The venue could also put you into a tough decision making. Aiming for a tremendous royal-like wedding, aside from the church as the venue, you might also be thinking of a bigger hall, that could accommodate more guests. Meanwhile, if budget is being considered, a church venue would be more affordable as churches do not really ask that much; in addition, the church is already decorated and all you need to do would be just upgrading the ornaments by adding more flowers and other decors. Another option could be a garden wedding if there is a wide backyard outside the house. In the event that you have finalized the venue and it needs booking, it would be best to reserve the area as early as possible to avoid rushing. It could be also that there will be some discount when you book earlier.

Bridal Party

Choosing your bridesmaids may be hectic if you’ve got a lot of friends, meanwhile choosing your siblings or your closest friends would be more ideal as it will be easier and more comfortable to voice out your requests to them as, they have wider understanding as to what you are going through especially when it comes to budgeting. You may also choose four bridesmaids to help you out during the preparations and during the most awaited day. Flower girls are also optional. Some brides prefer to have at least one whilst some do not. 

Traditionally, bridal shower and bachelorette party is an important pre-nuptial occasion in the West meanwhile nowadays, brides are more practical. The said parties are already noncompulsory. 

Final Words: Wedding dresses, wedding venues and having a large number of bridal parties are usually the main concerns when it comes to budgeting. Meanwhile do not let these give you a headache. Just relax and organize the arrangements one step at a time. In the end, you will just realize that everything is perfectly ready for the grand wedding day.