March 27th, 2019

How to Protect Yourself from an Active Shooter?

An active shooter is an individual aggressively kill people in a peopled area. Active shooters have become a serious concern throughout the world. Statistics of these incidents are rare, but these can make the prominent news. You may hear about shootings in the schools, but terrorists in sports arenas, hotels, restaurants, airports and public places use these. It is a severe threat, and the protocols are developed for responders and law enforcement. Potential victims are provided with advice to hide and save their life. 

Law enforcement agencies are committed to working with its supports and partners to protect worship houses, school, workplaces, and transportation centers. They played an active role to protect others from potential shooters. Sometimes, active shooters may wrongly accuse you of deadly consequences. If you are facing any threat, immediately consult an attorney in your area, such as Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney is good for you.

Constant Attention

It is almost impossible to prepare for every bad situation because the shooters may not always rational and mentally stable. You may become a wrong target because you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. There is virtually no way to prepare for these types of events because in sudden cases, you may not have an option to handle this scenario. You can mentally prepare yourself so that you can handle this situation without panic and act intelligently. Your mental preparation is essential to deal with all sorts of dangers, along with active shooters. 

If you stay active and aware of your surroundings, you will be able to get potential information about potential threats and expo. Before entering a building, it is essential to make a note of all exit points. These points will help you to leave in place in case of any threat. You should perform a cursory analysis of the danger of every person that comes within your range, and you have to train yourself for this purpose. If a person makes you uncomfortable or you are suspicious about someone, you should prepare your mind. Your instinct can be helpful in this situation and avoid any publicity about your skills.

Recommended Response to Active Shooter

Dynamic and unpredictable nature of operations will make it difficult to select a particular response to reduce the chances of damage. Response planning should minimize the access of offender to victims. Trained people are recommended to focus on three critical areas:


In the case of an active shooter attack, the occupants of the building should consider different options to safely evacuating the building. They should save their life and leave all their belongings behind them. They should move to a safe place and conceal undercover while moving.


After safe evacuation, the most important thing is the hiding place. You have to select a venue to conceal in a room by locking the door, behind heavy furniture, windows, and other areas. Make sure to turn off the bell of your mobile phones to avoid any problem.

Take Action

After selecting a safe hiding place, the individual may think to disrupt the active shooter. You can throw empty bottles to disrupt his attention. The most important thing is your own life; therefore, it is essential to protect yourself before attacking an active shooter.

Focus on Your Instincts

It will be good to live with a survival mindset to help yourself and others around you. It is essential to take responsibility for your security to avoid any threat. Always try to be calm and determine the risk on a particular location. You can warn students, staff and faculty members to take an instant shelter. Make sure to call law enforcement as soon as possible. If you know about safe exits, quickly move to these exits and continue running until you get a precise location for your safety.

Unable to Evacuate

If you are unable to evacuate, you should stay calm and take shelter to the nearest class, office, closet and other areas. Try to use bookshelves, desks and other heavy objects of barricade the door. You can attach rope, belt or scarf to the handles of the doors that open outward. Securely covers the window and turn off lights.

Try to search for possible escape routes, such as doors and windows. Set your cell phone to silent and quickly ask for the assistance of police and law enforcement. If you are confined in a secure place, you shouldn’t open the doors and windows for anyone. You shouldn’t go after police officers because they are trying to neutralize the threat. They will definitely return to assist you after neutralizing the threat.

Information to Share with Law Enforcement

If you get a chance to talk to law enforcement operators, you should provide the following details:

  • Location of the active shooter
  • Physical description of the shooter
  • Number of shooters 
  • Types of weapons and number of weapons
  • Number of potential victims at a particular location

The first office at the location will not stop for the help of injured people. They will require additional officers and medical personnel to treat injured people. They will start rescue operations and try to stop the activities of an active shooter. Once the officers arrived, you are responsible for listening to them and following their commands. 

Before concluding things, it is essential to know about the efficacy methods to get rid of active shooters. There are a few important things to consider:

  • Profiled cases are only a sample of active shooter events. Some events are often ignored due to brevity. 
  • Keep it in mind that one active shooter can kill one person at a time. A large shooting requires lots of shooters. Many victims will not decrease the threat of this event.

Incidents of active shooters have particular hallmarks and distinctive features. They have no reason to kill you because they may follow the orders of their boss without any personal conflict. Shooter requires heavy planning for massive nature of events. 

Shooters use special weapons and practice their plans at other locations to kill their victims. They make detailed plans and practice extensively with weapons to carry out mascara and create a diversionary explosion. Anders Breivik is an active shooter of Norway, and he killed almost 77 people with the help of a diversionary attack and used disguise to fool his victims. He deceived people with his disguise and people were considering him a police officer. 

Weapons Used in Attack

Active shooters often use shotguns, handguns, and rifles for their attacks. They use machine guns or automatic military weapon for a massive attack. They can use any commercially available weapon to kill their targets.

Development of a Profile

After reading the above details, a profile immediately appears in your mind for an active shooter. He will be a single shooter with commercial weapons, strike a rich target and extensively plan of attack. He may not have any armed resistance and a backup plan to survive a police encounter.  You should make your strategy to deal with active shooters.

Response of the Police Department for an Active Shooter

Old methods were not adequate to deal with active shooters, and fortunately, these are now dead. Nowadays, any event of an active shooter is handled in a different way, such as:

Responding office examined the scene of an active shooter. They assess the situation, and the office often uses a high-powered patrol rifle. Police have advanced technology, and now you can easily deal with them.

He will evaluate the structure and use of bolt cutters and the shotgun. The officer moves tactically by following the sound of gunfire. His goal is to contact with an active shooter and hold the threat immediately. His priority was speedy action to reduce the loss of life. The latest doctrine has been used to help people and save their lives. For an active shooter, the police directly respond to you and call the SWAT team. They will try to contact these shooters for negotiation and try to make an entry into the building to save people.

There could be a relationship between victims and attackers, such as academic, professional, familial and none. The active shooters often target the members of their communities. The majority of active shooters attack academic or professional relationship. In 22% cases, the active shooters have no relationship with the victim and some attacks may occur without any advance altercation or grievance.

Understand the Nature of Dynamic Incidents

Attacks of an active shooter are dynamic incidents, and these may vary in nature from one assault to another. In the words of DHS (Department of Homeland Security), an active shooter may be engaged in the act of killing people or trying to kill people in a populated and confined area. Active shooters are available in a wide degree of variation amid attacks across some broad categories, such as age and sex of the attacker, planning tactics, the number of attackers targets, the location of attacks, the number of casualties, attack resolution and weapons. The purpose of each shooter can be different, but they always consider them justified to kill others.

An active shooter is dangerous because you can find it anywhere. Try to educate yourself about different types of behaviors that are associated with various hazardous outcomes. Your education will complement your constant vigilance, and you can increase the chances of your survival. The behavior of an active shooter will be evident because he may wave a gun around and shoot people. With your education and vigilance, you can turn a wrong situation into the right one. If you can recognize the suspicious behavior of anyone, you can call appropriate help and secure yourself from any trouble. It is essential to stay vigilant in the market and avoid potential threats on you and your family.

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