March 26th, 2019

7 Tips to Avoid a Bad Lawyer

When a person gets into any trouble in life that needs legal proceedings, the first thing that comes to their mind is a lawyer. They immediately start searching for the lawyer and never hesitate to spend the money if they feel that a certain lawyer will be able to get them out of that trouble. Many popular lawyers, such as the Orange County DUI Lawyer are the ones that everyone likes to hire, but it is not the case with every lawyer. Not every lawyer could be good like them, and not everyone can get you out of the trouble of your criminal case. You have to be very specific and choosy about it if you want to get the case close with your own.

We are here for you to share the tips that can help you learn about a bad lawyer and at the same time help you get out of his zone without getting in a trap. It is very simple and easy to do, yet very important because it is all that will define your loss or win in the case. You have to be very careful while doing it because a single mistake can get you in even more trouble than you were in the past with your case. So, just go through the points given below, read the details and try to keep them in mind while choosing your criminal lawyer.

1. Poor Work Habits

A lawyer who is competent and good at his work is very good in his habits. He has all the good traits that a good professional must have in his personality. These include the ability to deal with things in the right way and also carry himself in a way that inspires others. He must have habits that make him win every case that come his way. Some people overlook the importance of good habits but, they cannot be overlooked for a very long time because they start producing negative results in the long run.

The bad habits that are an indicator that the lawyer is not good enough include the inability to be punctual in his work. He is often late in the office, never science calls and reply emails, etc. All these things depict that the lawyer is off track and that it will not be possible for him to tackle the case in any way. 

2. Work Premises

The work premises that the lawyer is working should be closely observed by the client when he goes to the lawyer to get his case fought in the courtroom. The work premises should be a very healthy and happy place where he is working. It should be very calm and cool for the client to visit. Another point is that it should be close to the client residence so that he may visit the lawyer easily whenever he wants to. These are the simple and easy points that must be kept in mind. 

This is the most important trait that we need to keep in mind while dealing with lawyers. If this point is lacking, then you can imagine how difficult it would be for you to keep pace with that lawyer. The lawyer will charge you the money that he wants, but you must see in return than what you are going to get from him. So, be very sensible and vigilant while choosing your lawyer for your case. 

3. Unhappy Staff

Unhappy staff is an indication that your lawyer is not working so well. If the staff who is working with that lawyer daily is unfortunate, then how can you expect that the lawyer will ever make you happy for your case. It is not an easy thing to judge when you have a single visit to the office of your lawyer. Rather you have to go for multiple visits to get to know about this. So, once you choose, keep in touch with the firm of your lawyer so that you may manage to change the lawyer once you get to know about it. 

Well, this is not a very difficult task to know. The one trick that we just told you and the other one is that you can come in contact with the staff yourself and ask them how the work is going on. You can get to know the real scenario just by asking some work-related general questions. The response of the staff will tell you the story, and that’s how you will be able to pick and choose. 

4. Unregistered Firm

When you are looking for a lawyer, and you are visiting the office of the lawyer, again and again, to get your case resolved, then trust me, you are not going to get it solved unless or until that firm is registered legally. Well, you must be thinking that every firm working in a state must be registered, but it is not essential. Many lawyers are running fake firms, which means that they do not follow the protocols of registration and thus are not legal to run their firms.

When you are searching for the firms that offer good lawyers for your case, you have to be very conscious about it and find out the only one that is suitable for you to solve your case. Other than this, you have to be very conscious about the registration of that firm with the state. If you are careless about it and find out later in life that the firm you are following is not legal, then it will waste your money as well as your time. 

5. Refusal to Provide References

Many lawyers, when you contact with them are very good with you. They give you the best possible impression on you in all terms. Their behavior with you, the environment they provide you with, and the care they show is all very outstanding, and you feel that you got the best of all to resolve your case. However, the case is not the same. They are fake and do all the good things in the start just to tarp you and to get money from you. After they get it done, they give you the right and true side of themselves which you feel shocked after watching.

The best thing to evaluate the credibility of your lawyer is that you ask them for reference. The reference of their previous clients is the only way you can see the true side of that lawyer. As the previous clients know how the lawyer deals with the clients and how the reputation he is having, so it becomes crystal clear to you in this regard. 

6. Lack of Proper Communication

Communication is the key to success for a lawyer. If a lawyer does not know how to communicate with the client, then he cannot gather enough and required information for the case. Similarly, if the lawyer is not able to negotiate with the other lawyer and the judge in the courtroom, that is again a great drawback of his personality. So, a lawyer when evaluated for his skillsets to be chosen for solving a particular case, the client must see this trait also. This trait must not be absent in his personality. 

This trait is essential in all respects, and it is the base on which lawyers win and lose cases. If someone, for instance, have very nice and genuine information about that case that favors the lawyer and his client, but lack of communication skills will never let the lawyer win the case because he would not be able to give his points effectively and will never be able to get any benefit from the case. So, it is very important to know when you are selecting your lawyer. 

7. Poor Attitude

A bad attitude towards other people is something that tells you how this lawyer is going to be with you. He will be good with you in the start to trap you, but when you will do with paying the fee, then this lawyer will take a complete turn from the previous behavior and will start ditching you also. So, when you are looking for the client, make sure you ask people working with him or those who worked with him in the past about his behavior and attitude in general. If it is good, then go ahead, but f not then you may search for another lawyer.


When you are a criminal lawyer, it is your responsibility to take care of the clients who come to you. You have to decrease their troubles because they pay you for this, while for the client it is essential that he may feel comfortable with you. The most common issue is created when the client blindly goes to the lawyer and ask for his acceptance to fight for the case, the lawyer, to just make money, says yes to the client. After this, the real disaster starts.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of the client to take care of this fact. First, research the lawyers, then screen the best out from the list and then research about those individuals for a few days. After this when it is confirmed that the lawyer is the best option, the go-to him to get his advice on your case. It is up to you how you deal with these things and how you become able to manage it in the right way. 

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