March 22nd, 2019

How to Fight Against Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking remains one of the worst and most prevalent crimes, even in modern times. Fortunately, there are several changes introduced in law, and if you are a victim, you can rely on a Human Tafficking Attorney to help you get out of the mess.

Introduction to Trafficking

The term severe form of trafficking means commercial sex act which is induced by force, coercion or fraud. In this case, the person is induced to perform these acts is less than 18 years of age.  It also means labor trafficking which is defined as the recruitment, harboring transportation, provision or obtain someone for labor or service using force, fraud, and coercion. 

This is done for the sole purpose of debt bondage, slavery, involuntary servitude or even peonage. Just make sure you gather relevant evidence to show the law agencies to prove your point.  

Some Facts and Figures

This is not a choice; no one becomes a slave by consent. Trafficking is different than smuggling as smuggling is based on transportation. Trafficking is based on exploitation, but both of them can happen at the same time. 

Human Trafficking doesn’t require a victim to be moved over state or international borders. This might also be a domestic issue. Millions of people are trafficked every year. This is one of the most profitable criminal businesses. Everyone is a victim of trafficking including men, women, and children. Victims can be domestic and foreign. They usually compromise of runaway youths who are solicited or recruited for prostitution and another form for exploitation. 

Victims have a background of child abuse, domestic violence. They span socioeconomic and background

The Perpetrators of Human Trafficking

These include inducing or persuade a child or minor under mature age to take part in prostitution, or another sort of exploitation. They also deprive and or violate the personal liberty of children with duress, deceit, and coerce to engage the victim in their exploitation, or labor services.

Surprisingly, the perpetrators may include family members, peer recruiters, partners, and even organized crime. 

Warning Signs

The warning signs of human trafficking are one of the least subjects. The issue is, most people are unaware of the fact that these things are happening right in front of their eyes. It might include running away from home, absenteeism, drop in grades, change of friends or avoiding old ones. It also includes a change in behavior, attire or attitude. The subject is feeling angry, aggression or getting fearful or suicidal. They have started using drugs and are losing weight. 

Moreover, they have signs of physical trauma or bruises, the subject might have more than one mobile phone, and they use terminology close to prostitution. They might have tattooed their body and are quite secretive about their social media and phone. 

How Can Lawyers Help?

Human Trafficking is an age-old crime which has always boomed. Today, this is one of the more celebrated causes for law enforcers to might, but how much-alleged trafficking constitutes an actionable crime?

For IE, consider prostitution which consists of women who are already prostitutes in their home country and come to another country to improve their living. They might as well pay a smuggler to enter the country by any mean.  Some of these women come here to work in the erotic industry willingly.

The fact is, human trafficking remains a serious issue with millions of people being subjected to forced labor around the globe. The surprising fact is, most victims deemed victims are not in fact victims, and not everyone charged with the crime doesn’t know trafficking is a crime. With that in mind, trafficking lawyers try to ward off unfair changes as soon as possible. 

Charge Targets

 A variety of people are subjected to these changes. These crimes include different contributors including recruiters, travel arrangers, funding considers, solicitors of services offered by the victim, marketer of services by the victim, aiding and abetting the participant. Distributor and product of such content are also deemed as targets. Some people don’t even realize the fact that human trafficking can fall into the categories. 

Legal Option for Trafficking Victims

Traffickers are held responsible for the misery of victims, and in some cases, they offer financial support to victims. At the federal level, several allow, and regulation makes trafficking crime and grants the victim benefits and services including immigration visa and health benefits. Apart from that, the law offers the victim a civil cause of action against a defendant who will benefit from trafficking. 

For the financial compensation, the victims are eligible for restitution awards and civil damages. The victim might qualify to receive restitution for their loss and value of their work is being performed. But the restitution can be controversial with sex trafficking as it will include compensating others of sexual favors, this is still illegal. However multiple courts have said that the victim can’t be denied restitution because their work is rather illegal.

So, you will need to work value in labor traffic. Calculating their work value in tracking is easier as compared to sex trafficking.

Recently, a student was public which found that when it comes to human trafficking, sex trafficking is far more common than labor trafficking. Different theories have been drawn to explain it. This might be possible because the victims get restitution away. Most of them don’t want to see their wrongdoers in court or want to know they have access to inaccessible facts. Restitution and civil damage will help to compensate the victim while the court holds the trafficker accountable. Most victims face additional needs when it comes to recovering and money. 

Additional Needs of Victim

Apart from the civil action, the victim might have legal issues which prevent them from moving on. It can be the following issues

Family Law

The family law challenges including divorce, customer and child support are rather common. It’s possible the trafficker is spouse or co-parent of the victim

Criminal law

It’s important the record of victim get their record expunged. This will help them find gainful employment in the future. Most victims are eligible to have their records expunged.

Immigration Law

Immigration issues often rank as the top need for many trafficking victims. Trafficker often withholds passport of immigration documents to control the victims. It is not uncommon the victim will face immigration issues right after they escape trafficking. 

Tax Laws

Tax and public benefits problems will surface when the victim receives settlement or restitution funds. They will need help when it comes to financial management.

Civil Law

Victims will need legal counsel to help them get restitution awards during the criminal case.  

How can a Lawyer help?

To meet these legal needs, the victim needs an accomplished lawyer who can help them through the loopholes of the legal system. These lawyers must be connected to human trafficking work and have experienced dealing with such issues before.

This is a discipline now, and lawyers have to get training on such legal issues. This is the only way they can assure they provided proper help to those in need. The legal approach fights of transient nature of this crime where victims are trafficked across different states or countries.

This is a positive change that authorities are now empowering victims and helps them to settle once they get out of trafficking. 


In case you are forced to work for little or no pay in a job you can’t leave, you are a victim of trafficking. This is better known as slavery or exploitation. You can be trafficked to do a lot of stuff including work in people’s homes, but in manual jobs including constructions and farming. Worst, the culprit might force you into prostitution. 

If you believe, you are a victim; you have to reach the law enforcement agency. If you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s important you know that the law enforcement agencies will help you, you will be protected from anyone, and you might believe you will be hurt. Last but not least, you will present proof in court unless you choose to.

How to tell you are a Victim?

Every case is different. There are signs to look out if someone doesn’t feel right about the circumstances. The culprit first promises you for a better life, and they will bring you from one country to another to work and promise you good job and relationship.

Once you are brought to the other country, you are being forced to work. You will be forced to work, and someone took away your passport, claim you own the culprit money, especially for travel and accommodation. They will accompany you wherever you go and threaten to hurt you. The thing is, you will be trafficked by people you trust. If you are a victim of trafficking, you better contact the law enforcement agency. 

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