March 21st, 2019

Things A Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Do For You

It is one sad fact that there are women out there who are suffering from domestic violence but unfortunately they cannot raise their voice just because some have children, some don’t have enough resources, and some are just scared of more violence if they try to fight against what’s happening with them. The need of the hour is to train the women to fight for their rights and fight against domestic violence without any fear because let’s face it; one cannot stay in an abusive relationship for the rest of their lives. 

Now, when we talk about solutions and the end to domestic violence, we surely have some way outs for the people who are suffering from such evil. Retaining a domestic violence attorney is one of the best solutions so far because this is the only way a woman can secure herself and be fearless while she fights for her right. 

A lot of people out there think that they can handle the case themselves which isn’t true especially when we talk about domestic violence. Believe it or not, there are things that a domestic violence attorney can do that cannot be done by you especially if you opt for someone like Orange County Domestic Violence Attorney.

As a victim, you need someone to protect you, and you want someone to fight for you in a legal way so that you don’t have to go through any more emotional or mental stress. On the other hand, staying quiet and suffering domestic violence every day isn’t a choice one sane person should make, in fact, something needs to be done right away if you ever fall victim to such a heinous crime. And here by “something” we are referring you to take legal action against the abuser as soon as you can before you go through more emotional and physical trauma. 

Again, hiring a domestic violence attorney is the best option to go for. People usually don’t opt for this option because they think about the expenses and that they won’t be able to afford an attorney, but the truth is that if you do some extensive research and if you do all you can to find a good domestic violence attorney, you will then be able to find someone who is affordable and extremely good at his services. 

Want to know what such an attorney can do for you? Well, here’s something for you; 

1. Protection 

What’s the first thing you need when you file a case against someone? Obviously, it’s your safety and protection which is exactly what you get when you hire a domestic violence attorney. Yes, you read it right, you get proper protection, and the abuser cannot come close to you or even the place where you live. In some cases, a proper protective order is also required in which the abuser has to move out of the house you are living in. The legal protection is necessary because in such situations if the abuser is around you, he can hurt you even more and if the situation gets worse, your life can be at risk too. So, none can deny the fact that getting legal protection is a must for you if you are a victim of domestic violence. You need to keep yourself and your children (if you have any) safe and away from the abuser when you are about to take legal action against him. 

2. Divorce

If you just don’t want to live in an abusive relationship anymore and if you really want to separate from the other person then the domestic violence attorney can help you through the process so that you can file for a divorce too if you are married to the abuser. If you end up with a good domestic violence attorney, he will actually help you throughout the process, and you won’t have to find a separate divorce lawyer too. And let’s face it, it’s one major benefit that you will be getting while you suffer from such a difficult condition. 

The best move to make is hiring a professional domestic violence lawyer. If you are not sure which is good for your case and can strongly represent your case in the court, then you better check some law firms online. Also, you can check some reviews sites. You can type in the lawyer’s or law firm and get the list of reviews about the particular firm or individual. If the rates are higher and reviews are mostly positive, then you should not wait to hire that lawyer. 

Other than this, you can get referrals from your family and friend. You can consult with your friends if they have the same case as yours. Discussing with your friends and relatives about the lawyer’s performance will make you clear about the qualification and performance of the attorney under consideration. 

3. Getting Custody Of The Kids 

If you want the custody of the kids then yes, the attorney can even help you in that process, and if you opt for a good attorney, you will surely win the case without going through any more emotional trauma. You as a mother know that your kids cannot stay with a person who is all about physical abuse, it can actually be dangerous for your children too and in such a case, taking the custody of the children is the best possible option to opt for and as a mother you shouldn’t even give it a second thought and fight for the custody right away. Again, here you need the support of a domestic violence lawyer, so make sure to find the right one. 

4. Dealing With The Abusive Party 

Let’s face it, as a victim; you clearly aren’t in a position where you can deal with the abusive party alone which is again where you need an attorney to stand for you and fight for you. You need proper witnesses of the domestic abuse, and in some cases, the party of the abuser can claim that your accusations are wrong, etc. Now in such a  messed up situation, you just can’t stand alone for yourself, and you’d need someone from the law who knows how to make your case strong enough that you win it. 

5. File A Domestic Violence Lawsuit

As a victim, you will be able to recover any kind of expenses, medical or physical that occurred during the domestic violence when you were suffering. Now, this again is a very important factor you should think about because if you aren’t financially strong then you’ll have to opt for the recovery of the expenses and that’s again something an attorney can alone help you with. 

6. Communicating With The Defendant

If there comes a time during the legal proceeding that you have to communicate with your defendant, then you don’t have to worry because your attorney will take care of that all by himself. Yes, you read it right and well, it’s important for someone else to deal with the defendant or his attorney so that you are all safe and you don’t have to go through any more of physical or mental abuse. It’s a tough time for you, and the wiser thing to do is to let your attorney handle all the matters for you. 

7. Represent You In The Court 

There might be things you just aren’t comfortable sharing in the court, but these things can be of vital importance in the case which is where your attorney again comes in handy. He will be representing you in the court, and he will provide all the explanations and documents, etc. that are required during the court proceedings. 

8. Help You With The Emotional Stress 

Lawyers are professional people, and they can’t help you much with your emotions, etc. but yes, having someone there to stand with you, having someone there to listen to you and understand your condition is more than a lot especially when one is already going through so much emotional stress. An attorney will always try to understand you, and then, according to your condition, he will try his best to help you cope with the situation that’s going around. Winning the case, getting the custody of the kids and getting legal protection is of vital importance when you are fighting a domestic violence case which is why your attorney can be a lifesaver for you in such a difficult time for you. 

These are some of the main things a domestic violence attorney can do for you. So, now without wasting any more time just get yourself a domestic violence attorney right now and free yourself from the violence, stress, and trauma, you have been suffering from for a long time. It’s time to raise your voice and be fearless because living with an abuser is and should clearly not be an option for you no matter what the circumstances are. 

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