March 14th, 2019

Common Blunders People Make When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Do you want to get separated from your spouse?

If yes, then you should file for a divorce. This might get you dragged to a courtroom. Just hire a divorce lawyer, and you will be fine. Just make sure you don’t make the following mistakes:

Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Divorce Attorney 

It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing a lawyer to fight for your divorce or another issue; you need to look for certain qualities when it comes to finding someone capable and reliable. Speaking of which, following we are mentioning some common mistake people make when finding a San Diego Divorce Lawyer.

Choosing Someone Who Doesn’t Have Time

Time is the most important thing anyone can give you, especially your divorce layer. If your lawyer has a hard time finding time for your case, then you better drop him. Most lawyers always say they have time for you. 

This is difficult to realize under the smoke screen. If you don’t know whether they are speaking the truth or not, then you better call their office after their closing time and leave a message that you want to ask something. Now see whether the lawyer or one of his staff gets back to you or not. If the lawyer does call back, it means he will dedicate the time required to study your case in detail.

If he doesn’t get back to you, then you should find someone else.

Interviewing the Lawyer While You are on The Edge

The worst thing you can do is to interview your divorce lawyer while you are still emotional. Doing so makes you more vulnerable to fall for their pitfall. To make sure you don’t fall, the victim, you need to do the following:

Get a friend or family with you for the first consultation. By doing so, if you are unable to pinpoint something from the consultation, you have your friend to remind you of it.

The best thing you can do is wait until you have control over yourself and emotions. Once you are in control, you should start interviewing shortlist candidates

This is no different than avoiding going on grocery when you are hungry. If you let your emotions take the better off you, you will end up with a poor choice. So, you best control them to hire the best lawyer for your case.

Choosing the Wrong Type of Lawyer

Before you start your headhunt, make sure you are looking or a divorce lawyer. If you don’t pay attention to this trivial detail, it will end up costing you a fortune. You cant expect a shark attorney to help you sort out the mess in a swift way. 

If your other half is easy to agitate, then you will have to fight this battle in court whether you like it not. So, you must hire a divorce attorney who has relevant experience handling such cases, or issues. This will help ease up the divorce process for you. 

Failing to Find Someone with the Right Expertise

This is a very common mistake, and it ends up costing most people their lawsuit. So, if you want to assure this doesn’t happen to your case, you must find a divorce lawyer with the right skillset. 

Every court case has several twist and turns. If you want to assure your case turns out fine. You need someone on your side who has experience and expertise to deal with these issues. Start looking at the family law category and find the subcategory divorce lawyers. 

Now look at different lawyers and assure you find one who has relevant experience tacking lawsuits similar to yours. 

Expecting the Lawyer to be a Magician

You cant expect to hire a lawyer and win the case without any issue. This is not the legal system works, so you best avoid such thoughts. If someone says they can deliver impossible results, then you better avoid him. Such lawyers do nothing but to bail you into hiring them. There is no way a lawyer can get you the settlement of fairy tales. 

Moreover, you can’t expect the case to solve all your financial issues. Instead, you will be a financial strain as long as he case carries on. So, you better save some money before you tack your significant other in court. 

Not preparing For Consultation

This is a grave mistake most people make when they meet the lawyer for the first time. You have to conduct a successful interview if you want to find someone you can rely on. So, you must prepare a list of questions. When you have done it, make sure you get these answers by the prospective lawyer. 

Apart from that, you better get an overview of your finances. If you are not sure you are can afford a lawyer or his services, then you better drop him. This will help you in the long run.

Not Listening to Your Gut Feeling

You should know by now; if you ignore your gut feeling, this could cost you dearly later. So, for your own sake, you better listen to your gut feeling. If your gut tells you not to hire a lawyer, then you better listen to it. 

You shouldn’t care if the person you interview offers the best rate or makes some rather ridiculous claim. If you are not comfortable with someone, then you better not hire them.  

Hiring a Friend or Relative

You are going to court; there is no doubt in that. So, please tag along with a friend or family member, doing so will make your journey easier. You need to do your research for finding a reliable lawyer. Considering what we just said, it doesn’t mean you should tag and someone who practices law and let him fight your case. Mind the instructions mentioned above. 

You need someone experienced and from the right area. If you don’t, then you have already lost your case. So, you better avoid retaining someone just because you know them.  

Finding Someone Aggressive

Passions can get high in the courtroom. So, you best hire someone who has control over himself. Yes, it can be fruitful if you hire someone with an aggressive approach. But avoid too aggressive because this might backfire. If your lawyer lets his emotions or anger take the better off him, you might as well lose your case.

Mistakes to Avoid During Court Proceeding

Apart from making mistakes when it comes to hiring a reliable lawyer, most commit the following sins that end up costing them their lawsuit. So, make sure you avoid these mistakes to have a better chance of winning against your spouse:

With the above said, we are now going to mention some common mistakes you better avoid during the case proceedings. If you make these mistake, it will cost you a lot of other things besides the case:

Hide Your Assets

This is the most common mistake spouses make (especially husbands) when they are fighting on divorce and have grown up kids. Several states in the United States have developed laws that advise you against hiding your asses. The law divides marital assets according to equitable division. This means every bit of property you own will be divided between you and your spouse in a fair way. 

Well, it doesn’t mean the court will straightly divide the assets between both husband and wife. Now, they will mind a few things like home or other property you own, how do you behave, who’ getting the custody of kids, spending habits, relation to kids and much more. 

If you hide your assets, you are only making things worse for yourself.

Refusing to Compromise

Divorce proceedings are already hard enough. So, if you try a divisive attitude now, you will only make it worse. Yes, you are harboring hatred toward your spouse, but you better never let the rest of court sense it.  The other party might use this against. For the best, you better not let them take the lead on you. 

When you are fighting in the court, you better be willing to make some comprises. It will quell your answer. Also, if you let your spouse ask for something, then they might agree to your request willingly. 


Whenever you let your greediness take the better of you, you are going to fall right down on your face. Getting spousal support is possible. But you never use this request to become rich. If you ask for an inflated amount, the other party will contest it. Worse, the higher or insane your demand is, the more your judge will likely to deny it. 

Not Hiring Someone Reliable

You should know you are not going to win the case on your own. We said that because most people avoid hiring a lawyer, least divorce lawyer at all. By doing so, they sabotage any chances they had about winning the case. So, you need to search the legal marketplace and assure you find a reliable divorce lawyer who has fair experience settling cases such as yours.

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