March 5th, 2019

9 Tips That Can Help You Protect Your Teeth

Some people say that teeth are the most attractive part of one’s face, and if they are they are beautiful, they make the whole look very fascinating. Well, I disagree a little bit because, in my opinion, teeth are the main part of our face that makes it look extraordinary. To make them look amazing, you have to take care of them and protect them every day.

If you want to know what the other person is about, just observe their smile, and you will know everything. In this article, we are going to share with you the tips that can help you protect your teeth and make your first impression the best for others. As teeth make your smile better and better if taken good care of, so do not ignore the tips given below.  They will really help you get a great smile. 

1. Regular Brushing 

Brushing is the most important thing that keeps your teeth healthy and shiny. According to the dentists, it is very important that a person brushes his teeth twice a day to remove all the dirt, bacteria and food particles that could eat the teeth and make cavities. The best you can do is to brush them at night and then take breakfast in the morning and brush them again after taking your breakfast. 

It is recommended that never use a harsh bristled brush on teeth and your tongue, but instead, buy a very soft-bristled brush that can softly remove the dirt from your teeth. Moreover, a fluoride toothpaste must be used because it has the property of killing germs and keep teeth healthy. 

2. Stay Intact with Your Dentist

Just like people say that it is essential to meet your doctor once in a month and get yourself checked properly to fight any illness that is developing in your body. Likewise, it is very important that a person stay intact with his or her dentist for proper teeth examination. If you want to visit a good dentist and you live in California, then Encino Dentist is the best option for you to go and explore about teeth care. 

It is such a simple way of taking care of your teeth. You will know your hygiene status and your doctor will tell you the exact remedy of the problem that you are facing. You will make changes and take precautions well in advance before the onset of disease. 

3. Do Not Over Brush

This is a very important tip that everyone must follow because over brushing is a big problem when it comes to daily cleaning of your teeth. Some people become over conscious and start practicing it more than the required level, but it should be taken care of as it can harm your teeth rather than making then better.

According to dentists, brushing of teeth must be done not more than twice a day. This is because it helps destroy bacteria that are harmful, but there are many bacteria that we need in our mouth, and we should not be removed with over brushing.

4. Stay Away from Soda

Many people like to drink soft drinks regularly, and in this way, they consume a lot of soda. These people must know the fact that drinking soda is not at all good for health and that it should be avoided at any cost if you want your teeth to shine and stay as they were ever before. 

It is a very simple trick that helps in finding out that a person is doing something wrong with his or her teeth. Mostly brushing teeth for two times a day does not help a person, but avoiding soda helps a lot because it is a great way of avoiding ingredients that kill the teeth. 

5. Do Not Turbocharge

It is very important to understand that how much pressure you can put on your teeth and how much you cannot because if you apply too much of pressure, then it will surely damage your teeth even with a brush with soft bristles. You have to do it as if you are brushing an eggshell. Your touch should be that delicate and soft. 

It should be taken care of because your teeth have a coating called enamel on them and that should not be removed with over brushing or through high-pressure brushing. It is enough from protecting your teeth, and you only need to remove the superficial dirt from it. It is very delicate for children, and even for adults, most people become the reason of their tooth damage due to this habit. So, avoid it at any cost. 

6. Time Does not Matter

What many people say and do is that they care about the time too much and even more than the other important things that must be taken care of while brushing. You can do it any time of the day and still feel fresh and keep them in full clean form.

All that is important here is to understand that they should be kept clean all the time from dirt and food particles because these things become a living place for bacteria and then destroy the teeth they are growing on. So, take care of this thing and do it whenever you want or like to do it.

7. Develop Flossing Habit

Many people do not know this trick, and they never do flossing. However, it is very important to do even if you are regularly brushing your teeth. You have to keep in mind that this is essential to have good teeth and that is not easy to get them.

So, try to make it your habit because it removes the dirt and plague that you have on your teeth after brushing them with toothpaste. It will help prevent the creation of layer on your teeth that only dentist can remove. So, if you do flossing, you can protect your teeth, as well as your money by visiting doctors every other day. 

8. A Morning Brush Is a Must

Well, this is not something that people would not know. It is very basic and simple to brush your teeth every morning. What happens actually that while sleeping, our mouth is at a normal temperature of 37 degrees which is suitable for bacteria to grow and develop plague on to the teeth. 

If you do not brush teeth in the morning, then this plague will keep on building on your teeth and will make them pale and hard from the outer side. In this way, your enamel will lose its shine, and your teeth will start looking odd and dirty. 

9. Avoid Sweets and Tea before Sleep

This is another tip that you have to take care of to protect your teeth. You have to keep them neat and clean by any means, and your selection of food is the most important factor for this. What many people do is that they eat everything that is offered to them at any time of the day and especially at the night time. It is very simple that you do not ingest the food that is the cause of attracting bacteria and other germs in the mouth.

If you take tea at night and then go to sleep, it means you have destroyed your teeth by 10 percent because the color of tea will fox on your teeth and will also develop bad breath in your mouth. Other than this, if you are a fan of sweets, they try to avoid them in your food at the night time because they could be very dangerous for your health. This is because they can develop germs in the mouth that can cause gum diseases, and also they destroy the teeth. 

It is, therefore, very essential that you take care of your teeth and protect them from very simple things that can cause great damage. Just keep these few points in mind and do them regularly without any delay or any difficulty. Nothing is difficult to maintain if we genuinely try to do things that we need to do on regular days. 


Well, after reading this article, you must be quite trained in your mind that how important it is to have clean teeth to protect them from getting pale and get destroyed. It is a very simple and easy thing to do which people normally find very difficult. All that is required from you is to follow the cycle and keep doing it regularly. If you skip and do after a few days, it slowly turns out bad for your teeth health. 

Just follow the tips given above and make sure you do them regularly. You will realize in a very short time that your teeth are turning in to very shiny and clean ones. The most important is to visit your doctor and get their advice on the type of teeth you have and how you take care of them. 

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