December 10th, 2018

How to Monetize Website Traffic

Nowadays search optimization is quite interesting and exciting activity. A lot of thematic resources, blog or entertainment portals were created just for fun. 

But, one day when high positions in search results are achieved a lot of people start thinking how to monetize website traffic. Well blown online product is a good thing for making money, you should only know best ways of monetization. 

The main idea is in redirecting visitors from your website to another one, whose owner will pay to you. There are thousands of companies who will be happy to pay for this audience as it is the simplest way to attract customers. However, there are many more variants to monetize traffic, but first things should go first.

Visitors redirection

There is no other way to earn money on your audience. The process is started on special markets where you can put your website. Advertisers apply there and tell a big list of requirements. Webmasters are to study their application forms and decide whether to accept them. When the ads are posted on a website, its owner is given money each time redirection to a landing page was made.

Let’s find out how to how to monetize website traffic with advertising platform 

Website monetization ads

Contextual ads

The only thing you should know here is you should allow ads being published on your website. Webmasters will be paid for each click on the ad. The price of the click is counted according to the size of the website and the frequency of keywords the advertiser has decided to use while tuning his campaign. 

Native ads

This option will be most suitable for blogs monetization. It is about publishing ad articles with links to the advertiser’s website. 

In this case, the ads are nonintrusive and attract readers attention if the material is interesting and relevant. 

Natives don’t look like ads themselves and thus they cause less irritation to the material and website in whole.

Social networks

It is becoming more often the case when a particular account becomes popular, and people confess they didn’t invest in its promotion. A good traffic can be a reason for people’s attraction. One way or another, but a famous account can be a good thing to make some money. 

In general, variants how to monetize web traffic on social networks are similar to websites or blogs, the details depend on a particular network and in-house rules.


Marketers are happy as they have found their treasure trove as the audience here is huge and enormous. A weak point is that the accounts are not so easy to promote. You need a quality content, eye-catching image and correct set of hashtags. Communication should be established with your followers and the ones from other accounts. Newcomers feel often fail to establish a clear direction of an account. Two different images from incoherent fields play head games with users and, as a result, they don’t subscribe.


It is a treasure island for bloggers. They can earn here to cover basic needs and for luxurious life as well. Brands are often to send presents for bloggers and expect being advertised in return. Interesting programs are launched with bloggers’ help, where and advertiser covers all expenses for accommodation, tickets and other staff. Popular accounts are successful in making money. 

A bottom line

To monetize is not so really a big deal, but first and foremost condition is that you should have a high quality and big traffic on your website. Be ready to invest into your child before harvesting from it.