December 6th, 2018

5 Marketing Basics for the Uninitiated

If you are an opportunistic person and sick of being an employee, you can always start your own business. With proper knowledge, you can put up a company where you can emphasize your passion and at the same time earn.  However, being at the starting level can be a bit tough. On the other hand, you can overcome that difficult start through knowing the marketing basics.

Marketing, whether if it is about products or services, is always a great challenge for beginners. At present, there are a lot of technical terms incorporated in the business world. For beginners, it can be quite confusing. Hence, looking to guidelines can be quite helpful.

For better understanding, here are the five (5) marketing basics that can significantly help you succeed as a new competitor in the business environment. 

1. Research: Read About What Experts Do

It is essential that you do your research. Thus, reading has always been a weapon for people in business. Through it, you can learn new things. As someone just entering the business world, it can be a useful tool to gain knowledge.

Look to the most prominent people in the business world today and in the past. Read about them and learn from them. There are those like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Jack Ma who have been successful in their line of work. Consider learning their ideas and try to incorporate them to yours. 

2. Target Market: Determine Who Your Customers Are

One of the basics of marketing is to know who your customers are. Know that they are your target market. Meaning, you have to know who they are, including their needs, their economic capabilities, and their nature as a consumer.

Knowing your target market can be determined through conducting consumer surveys. Hence, customers who are continuously looking for products and services to meet their needs might find the answer through the business you are launching. This is where you come in. Take advantage of the opportunity presented by the results of your survey. 

3. Create and Build Your Brand

As a beginner, you should know that it is also important for you to create your brand. A brand is what makes your company different. It is your brand name, tagline, logo, values, etc. You have to select something that is easy to remember. 

The next stage is brand building. It includes differentiating your brand from other competitors and making it unique. Also, a strong logo and a persuasive tagline is a crucial part for building up your company brand. 

4. Create a Strong Logo and Develop a Persuasive Tagline

Your identity as a business entity is not limited to your brand name alone. And making a logo is one of the key considerations for marketing. It was evident in the past, and even today, that logos are a valid identifier. It also provides your brand an image in the mind of the customers.

On the flip side of the coin, taglines are as effective as logos. These are short or long statements persuasive enough to catch people’s attention. Taglines complement your logo and can even become part of the logo itself.

Both logos and taglines are marketing strategies that have proved helpful over the years. They appear in different media, be it print ads, online ads, TV ads, and even in signage such as custom metal signs. Every beginner should consider these marketing basics. 

5. Understand that Money Equals Money

Money is equivalent to “money.” It’s why investments are risky. A tremendous amount of money has a chance of doubling its value or being completely lost.  

In any business, the most fluid component of all is money. Meaning, aside from people and structures, it is the machinery that makes a company run. Therefore as a beginner, you need to understand that you have to spend money to earn money. Great patience is required for your investment to bring returns. 


In this era of technological advancement, learning how to put up a business and marketing it is within reach. You only need to have the will to learn and the patience to wait.

It’s worth remembering that every successful businessperson started as a beginner. The willingness to continue learning is what made them who they are today. Marketing basics helped them succeed. If they can, you can too.


Allison Lewis is a freelance creative writer. Her experience in digital marketing coupled with an interest in tech entrepreneurship makes her a fine contributor in the field of business and internet marketing.