Top 3 Solutions to Extract Text from Image

If you need to extract text from an image, it’s assumed that the image in question contains text that is not machine-readable and that you want to extract the text in an editable format. This requires a text recognition or optical character recognition feature found in PDF tools such as PDFelement, ABBYY FineReader, and HiPDF. These utilities will allow you to answer the question: how can I extract text from an image in an accurate manner in multiple languages? Let’s look at how to extract text from image online and offline using these versatile PDF applications.

No. 1: How to Extract Text from an Image using PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro offers a highly accurate OCR feature that works with over 20 different languages commonly used for international business transactions and by companies with multiple global locations. The process is described below:

Step 1: Launch PDFelement Pro and create your image file into PDFs

Step 2: The software will recognize you need to “perform OCR” in a notification bar (see screenshot.)

If you are a first-time user of the OCR function, you will see the notification to download and enable the OCR plugin (don’t worry, it’s a one-time process and takes several minutes, but from the next time, you can totally disregard the process). See the screenshot below, where you need to click “YES” and start the download.

Step 3: After that, you will see the below window; now, choose your OCR process and it’s done!

In this step, you can choose between converting the file into an editable or a searchable version depending on what you need. You can also change the language and choose which pages to convert.

Step 4: Now the image has been converted into an editable file, so edit as you... Read More

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