Best Online Investment Options for Under $5000

A common myth among the investing community is that for one to invest one must have a fat bank account to back up the investment. It is so unfortunate that this myth has been peddled for so long such that some of the “financial advisors” have started selling it as the truth. The reality is that a solid portfolio does not necessarily have to come from a big account. In business and investment, the golden rule is growth. However small the investment might seem, with the right strategies in place, the only way to grow is up.

In the process of brushing off the common misconceptions about starting small in business, we will take a look at some of the online opportunities for small startup capital. Let’s jump right to it and see how you can spin a few thousand dollars online to work for you!

1. Trading Stocks

Prior to the age of internet and online trading, stock trading was a thing for the Wall Street brokers in suits and ties charging exorbitantly in commission to help you trade. Fast-forward to this day and age whereby with a click of a button you are able to access all the knowledge and information you need about stock trading. Better still you are able to buy and sell your stock online in the comfort of your home! Since the advent of the internet, online stock trading has been a lure for many people. Partly because the major stumbling blocks have been removed and better still, the process has been made ridiculously easy.

Different applications and sites have emerged to display the trading in real-time, at the same time they offer analysis tools that help you predict the pattern of a certain firm’s commercials. You can simply go online as a newbie and learn all you need to know about online stock trading. With five thousand dollars you can... Read More

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